martedì 18 agosto 2009

Terminal Velocity - Reaper / Stand Alone Complex [Nerve010]

As we approached the 10th release on Nerve I’d been chatting to Jag from Terminal Velocity quite a bit online – swapping dubs etc. Their “Insane” and “Video Game” tracks on their own label had been regular features of my dj sets since their release and I was keen to get some of their material for Nerve.

These two tracks perfectly complemented each other in my opinion – big chunky breaks and sub with one track being slightly more subdued than the other – both were big dancefloor smashers.

Unfortunately the two guys in Terminal Velocity went their seperate ways production wise, I occasionally speak to Jag online and he keeps threating to drop some new beats so keep an eye out!

A. Terminal Velocity - Reaper
B. Terminal Velocity - Stand Alone Complex
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