martedì 18 agosto 2009

Pyro - Sentinel / Oblivion Cruises Inc [Nerve011]

After Noisia on NERVE009 and Terminal Velocity on NERVE010 we decided it was time to get back to the Nerve roots and get more Pyro material out there.

“Sentinel” opened the release and it’s a moody stepper, with a big bastard of a bassline that smashed up many a dancefloor back in 2003. Proxcis stepped in to lend a hand on the flip for “Oblivion Cruises Inc” and this track still gives me the fear to this day. Sinister synth stabs combine with the tracks low slung sub bass and eerie atmospherics to lend the whole track an unnerving feel. Amazing stuff!

A. Pyro - Sentinel
B. Pyro feat. Proxcis - Oblivion Cruises Inc
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