mercoledì 26 agosto 2009

ICR - Fill The Sky / Skanner [Nerve018]

After ICR’s two Mp3 only releases on Nerve, we decided it was time to get him on some vinyl for us! The first track on the release – “Fill The Sky” is an epic chunk of dark dnb. It grows and grows and grows until it peaks at the end with some crashing apocalyptic breaks and grungy stabs. “Skanner” on the flip is on a whole different tip – its kinda dubby dnb meets techstep – strange I hear you say, well yes, but tis absolutely wicked so download it and fire it up!

Both tracks showcase ICRs amazing production talent once again and I can’t recommend his music highly enough so have a wander over to his site and have a listen at more of his stuff

A. ICR - Fill The Sky
B. ICR - Skanner
ICR's Blog
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