lunedì 24 agosto 2009

Isotone - The Tourist

This was the original plan for Nerve 016 and it even got to the test press stage before unfortunately being pulled. At the time we were having distribution problems and this release was the first casualty.

The test presses sounded great and I was optimistic that this was going to be quite a successful release, and then we had problems securing distribution. So we decided to take a wee break for a few months to try and sort it out. This release unfortunately got shelved.

Isotone has gone on to big things with Loxy and Horizons and he also returned to Nerve for our 23rd release. This track showed his potential, it’s big, loud, dancefloor friendly and proud! Chunky amen and reece bizness is the order of the day here so download it, burn it to CD or sling it in your Serato crate and test it on a system!

A. Isotone - The Tourist
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