giovedì 20 agosto 2009

Pyro - End Of An Era / Levitate [NerveBP001]

We were slowly growing tired of vinyl distributors lack of faith in releasing anything that wasn’t a big dancefloor smasher or guaranteed hit and discovered the new found freedom of Mp3 only releases. Although obviously the profile was lower on these releases (and for some reason still is in drum n bass, every other electronic music genre has managed to get with the times but drum n bass still seems to put bizarre importance on vinyl) but it gave us the freedom to release what WE wanted to release when WE wanted to release it.

These two tracks are IMO two of Pyro’s finest – they continue the theme started on his “Sea of Change” track and take it up a level. Spacey, futuristic drum n bass with a ridiculously warm bassline you could make toast on. I could go on and on about these tunes but they speak for themselves, so fire them up, sit back and enjoy!

A. Pyro - End Of An Era
B. Pyro - Levitate
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