lunedì 31 agosto 2009

Isotone / Morphy - Water Dragon / Samsara [Nerve023]

Release number 23 was always going to be an important one for us, and in the end it turned out to be our final vinyl release. After nearly seven years of releasing on vinyl we decided that we had kinda lost the desired fight required to continue with it. We’d seen our way through 4 distributors (2 of which had went bankrupt) and had kinda lost the will to jump through the hoops that are required to get vinyl released these days. Releasing materially digitally gave us back the complete control which was of utmost importance to us.

So we were very happy to finish our vinyl campaign with this – in my opinion, one of our strongest 12’s. We had worked with Isotone before and had planned to release a track of his before on the ill-fated NERVE016X and were happy to have him onboard with this absolute killer of a track. Hard, heavy techy beats are in full force here and this one smashed up many a dancefloor.

For the flip we snapped up a track that was (and still is) very special to me personally. Morphy has been a good friend of mine for many years – we co-ran the LiveVEvil event in Glasgow from 2000-2005 and in the years since then have been residents at Xplicit in Edinburgh and played many a gig together and had many a drunken session (which kinda inspired the artwork) in various clubs and establishments. When I first heard this track it was in the slightly more stripped down original version you can download above but I absolutely loved it. Hypnotic and deep but with a tough dancefloor edge, Morphy went back in on it before release and toughened it up a bit and that version made the cut in the end but both versions are worth checking it.

A. Isotone - Water Dragon
B. Morphy - Samsara (Original Demo)
Isotone Myspace
Morphy Myspace
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Pyro / Pyro feat. Mundane - Time Is Broken / Resolve [Nerve022]

As we approached our 22nd release, we decided was time for us to get some more of Pyro’s own quality beats out there!

“Time is Broken” is a brilliant chunk of dancefloor friendly techy dnb – big angry synth stabs drive the track over a sub bass low enough to trouble badgers. I still play this one out and it always goes down a treat.

For the flip, Pyro teams up with fellow Copenhagen dnb-er Mundane and takes things down a slightly darker avenue. Big doomy bass, evil breaks and eerie synth work are the order of the day here!

A. Pyro - Time Is Broken
B. Pyro feat. Mundane - Resolve
Pyro Myspace
Mundane Myspace
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sabato 29 agosto 2009

ASC - The Pursuit / Frozen Shore [Nerve021]

ASC has built a strong reputation for himself in the dnb scene as one of the scene’s finest producers of deeper beats, from early releases on influential labels such as Bukem’s Looking Good in 2001 through to his present day affiliation with Instra:mental’s Non Plus, he’s stuck to his guns and kept his music on the deeper side.

We were very proud to welcome him onboard the good ship Nerve for this release – the aside “The Pursuit” is a lovely futuristic, spacey stepper with a tech house 4/4 breakdown in the middle which always surprises a few people! For the flip, he delivered “Frozen Shores” – a lovely slice of deep drum n bass with lush atmospherics and a slightly growly bassline which hints at underpinned aggression. Amazing stuff.

A. ASC - The Pursuit
B. ASC - Frozen Shores
ASC Myspace
Nerve Recordings

venerdì 28 agosto 2009

Cern - Molten Beats Show @ BaseFM 27.08.2009

01. Ed Rush & Optical feat. Fierce - Splinter [Virus]
02. Phace & Misanthrop - Mammoth [Neosignal]
03. Noisia - Last Look [Metalheadz]
04. Alix Perez - I'm Free [Shogun Audio]
05. Rufige Kru - Sometime Sad Day [Metalheadz]
06. Survival - Pray [Audio Tactics]
07. Alix Perez - I'm Free [Shogun Audio]
Nu:Tone - Beatnik [Hospital]
09. Lenzman - Mesmerized [Shogun Ltd]
10. Friction & K-Tee - Set It Off [Shogun Audio]
11. Rufige Kru - One More Time [Metalheadz]
12. Break - Re-Tech [Symmetry]
13. Rufige Kru - Letting Go (A.I. Remix) [Metalheadz]
14. Noisia - Bells Of [Metalheadz]
15. Misanthrop - Moon Clouds [Neosignal]
16. Dabs - Who's Gonna Lead [Dub]
17. Hadouken - M.A.D (Phace Remix) [Dub]
18. Break & Fierce - Hooligan [Quarantine]
19. Bad Company - Bullet Time (Spor Remix) [Bad Taste]
20. Mindscape & Safire - Heatstroke [Resolute]
21. Calyx & Teebee - The Quest (Break Remix) [Subtitles]
22. ??? - ??? [???]
23. ??? - ??? [???]
24. Teknik & Dose - Intruder [Citrus]
25. SPY - Hidden Emotion [Liquid V]
26. Chris Su - Band Passed [Subtitles]
Mayhem & Psidream - Unsung [Red Light]
28. Trei - The Other Part of Me [Samurai]
29. Nu:Tone & Logistics - Trademark [Hospital]
30. Survival & Impact - Connected? [Audio Tactics]
31. Bulletproof, Teknik & Nymfo - 3 Of A Kind [Cyanide]
32. Cern & Jubei - Black Hole [Ingredients]
33. ??? - ??? [???]
Cern Myspace

No Money - Play It Loud Show Guest Mix

01. The Sect - Oxidize [Dub]
02. Bulletproof, Mindscape & Tiki - Dark Times (State Of Mind Remix) [Cyanide]
03. No Money - Seven Dayz [Dub]
04. Uman & No Money - Untitled [Dub]
05. Black Sun Empire - Dont You (State Of Mind New Remix) [Dub]
06. Maztek & Future Signal - Eclipse Early [Subculture]
07. Optiv - Sodium [Dangerous New Age]
08. Future Signal - Victim [Contaminated]
09. No Money & Maztek - Apogee [Dub]
10. Future Signal - Stick With A Herd [Dub]
11. Receptor - Crematorium [Maniphest]
12. Future Signal & Proktah - Insecticide [Disturbed]
13. Apex - Gonzo [Lifted Dub]
14. Optiv feat. Ryme Tyme - Run It Red [Redlight Dub]
15. Redco - Fallen Legion [Dub]
16. Rico & Scoop - Dragon Scroll (Prolix Remix) [Dangerous New Age]
17. Bias - Chrysalis (The Sect Remix) [KSS Black Dub]
18. Jade - No Cure [Citrus]
19. Katharsys - Jupiter [Contaminated]
20. Cause 4 Concern - Relentless (The Sect Remix) [C4C Ltd]
21. No Money - Turmoil [Dub]
22. Silent Extent - Falling Down (No Money & BTK Remix) [Close 2 Death Dub]

No Money Myspace

giovedì 27 agosto 2009

Bulletproof & Mayhem - SubSessions Show @ GeorgeFM 26.08.2009

>> 00.00 - 11.15 Mayhem Interview
01. Mayhem - Sign Of The Times [SLR]

02. Mayhem - After All [SLR]
03. Mayhem - Pacifica [SLR]
04. Noah D - Witch Doctor [Subscum]
05. Project Pat & OJ Da Juiceman - Keep It Hood (Mayhem Bootleg) [Dub]
06. 12th Planet - 68 [Smog Records]
07. Borgore - Foes (16 Bit Fuck Hoes Remix)
08. The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)
09. The Heavy - How You Like Me Now (Joker Remix)
10. Guns & Bombs - Riddle Of Steel (12th Planet Remix)
11. Mayhem & Trench - Hustlin [Unsigned]
12. Mayhem - Get Buck [Unsigned]
13. Mayhem & N.Phect - Made In Berlin [SLR]
14. Mayhem - Injection [Project51]
15. Mayhem & Phace - Risky Business [Neosignal]
16. Mayhem - Nothing's Going To Change [SLR]
17. Mayhem & Mindscape - Unorthadox [SLR]
18. Mayhem & Gridlok - Meant 2 Be [Project51]
19. Mayhem, Audio, The Sect & Gein - Untitled [Bad Chemistry]
20. Mayhem & Phace - Lightyears Apart [SLR]
21. Mayhem & Gein - Ghetto Dope [Human Imprint]
Mayhem Myspace

D-Struct / SKC - Merkaba / Recharger 2007 [Nerve020]

Well as we approached our landmark 20th release we were still without distribution. Our last few releases had gone out through Z Audio but they’d decided they didn’t think they were going to put out much more dnb (they were mainly a breaks distro and I think do dubstep now). So we approached Nu Urban Music and they agreed to distribute our new few releases.

Nerve 20 was originally planned to be the D-Struct track flipped with “From Afterlife She Speaks” by Fanu. The distro problems had unfortunately caused delays in the release coming out and Fanu decided to take his track back for his album “Daylightless”. So we weren’t really sure what to add to the flip.

SKC then got in touch to say he’d just remixed his own “Recharger” track (originally released on NERVE002) and sent it over for us to check out. As usual it was amazing, SKC never disappoints! So we slotted it in on this release and got it out fairly quickly. This would be SKC’s fourth time on the label (if you include the BSE remix) and we were very happy to have him onboard again!

D-Struct had been producing some amazing beats and we absolutely loved “Merkaba” and had to have it for Nerve. He’s also part of Robot Death Squad who are responsible for some amazing chunky rollers.

A. D-Struct - Merkaba
B. SKC - Recharger 2007
D-Struct Myspace
SKC Myspace
Nerve Recordings

Dom & Roland Live @ 1Extra 26.08.2009

01. Dom & Roland - Riddim Culture [DRP]
02. Dom & Hive - 11:34 [DRP]
03. Dom & Roland - Ice Age [DRP]
04. Dom & Roland - No Strings Attatched [DRP]
05. Dom & Roland - Mind Feeders [DRP]
06. Dom & Roland - Mastedon [DRP]
07. Dom & Roland - Jungle Beast [DRP]
08. Dom & Roland - Odd Job [DRP]
Dom & Roland Myspace
Dom & Roland Productions

mercoledì 26 agosto 2009

Cartridge / Pyro & Jesta feat. Techtronix - Edge City / Cho + Malsum / Implex Remixes [Nerve019]

I’d been keeping an eye on Cartridge’s beats for a while and this track was my favourite of his. It has a wicked old skool feel to it – nice rolling breaks and big chunky techstep stabs rolled up in a quality package! He’s unfortunately not really writing any more drum n bass these days but has a rather cool band called Lazersnake which I recommend you check out.

And onto “Cho” – well we had the idea of running a wee remix competition online with this one – with the winning mix being featured on the Mp3 release when the 12″ came out. Unfortunately we hit even more stumbling blocks with distribution at this point and we ended up getting quite a bit of grief from people on forums for taking ages to announce the winner of the competition etc and get the release sorted. In the end we chose Malsum’s amazing remix as the winner – with Implex’s a close second and here they are for your listening pleasure!

The original was an epic piece of rolling techy dnb – the kind that Pyro specialises in! The remixes upped the dancefloor factor a little but kept the atmosphere.

A. Cartridge - Edge City
B. Pyro & Jesta feat. Techtronix - Cho
C. Pyro & Jesta feat. Techtronix - Cho (Malsum Remix)
D. Pyro & Jesta feat. Techtronix - Cho (Implex Remix)
Pyro Myspace
Malsum Myspace
Implex Myspace
Nerve Recordings

ICR - Fill The Sky / Skanner [Nerve018]

After ICR’s two Mp3 only releases on Nerve, we decided it was time to get him on some vinyl for us! The first track on the release – “Fill The Sky” is an epic chunk of dark dnb. It grows and grows and grows until it peaks at the end with some crashing apocalyptic breaks and grungy stabs. “Skanner” on the flip is on a whole different tip – its kinda dubby dnb meets techstep – strange I hear you say, well yes, but tis absolutely wicked so download it and fire it up!

Both tracks showcase ICRs amazing production talent once again and I can’t recommend his music highly enough so have a wander over to his site and have a listen at more of his stuff

A. ICR - Fill The Sky
B. ICR - Skanner
ICR's Blog
Nerve Recordings

Basic Operations & Chino - Day After Tomorrow / Bahia [Nerve017]

I’d been a big fan of Basic Operations tunes for a while and was keen to get something from them for Nerve. After swapping dubs with the guys for a while, they sent over these two tracks (”Bahia” was at that time called “15 Minutes” and I called it for that for ages – even after they’d corrected me time and time again, think I might even have called it “15 Minutes” on the press sheets that went with the promos – memory like a sieve me!) and I just totally fell in love with em.

“Day After Tomorrow” is a perfect amen number – big crashing drums and lush sub with beautiful atmospherics. On the flip “Bahia” is pretty much the perfect liquid number also! Top quality beats and bass, cracking vocal hook – what more could you ask for!!

Basic Ops later split into two factions – Atlantic Connection and Focus – I highly recommend checking them both out as they’re both still knocking out amazing beats!!

Chino later went on to release some more cracking tunes for DJ SS’s New Identity and Renegade Recordings amongst others.

A. Basic Operations & Chino - Day After Tomorrow
B. Basic Operations & Chino - Bahia
Basic Operations Myspace
Chino Myspace
Nerve Recordings

Axiom - Frightmare Promo Mix August 2009

01. Axiom - Metropolis Dawn [Forthcoming Shogun Ltd]
02. Black Sun Empire - Stasis (Jade Remix)
[Forthcoming citrus]
03. Aeph - The Burning Shadow
[Forthcoming Close 2 Death]
04. Kiro Vs. Neonlight - Blackout
[Forthcoming Trust In Music]
05. Optiv - Deviant [Dub]
06. Zeal & Litta - Mammon
07. Optiv feat Rymetyme - Run It Red [Forthcoming Redlight]
08. Axiom & Jade - Midnight Crusher
[Forthcoming Citrus]
09. Masheen - Frozen Nature
[Forthcoming Habit]
10. The Sect - Avenger
[Forthcoming Freak]
11. Rregula - Batholith
12. Axiom - Lex Talionis
13. Demetia & Misha - Lowlife [Forthcoming Fall Out]
14. No Money - Driving Force
[Forthcoming Sudden Death)
15. Cause 4 Concern - Strangle Hold
[Forthcoming Virus]
16. Future Signal - World Of Sound
17. Concord Dawn & Bulletproof - Whiskey Tango [Forthcoming Uprising]
18. Ewun - Screw up [The Upbeats RMX] [Forthcoming Lifted]
19. Axiom & Optiv - Slingshot
[Forthcoming Redlight]
20. Counterstrike - Drone
[Forthcoming Filthy Sanchez]
21. InsideInfo & Kiro & 59crime - Response
22. Axiom - Spellbound
23. Zero Method - Backslider [Dub]
24. Jade - Forged Reality [Forthcoming Citrus]
25,. Rregula & Dementia - Earth Vs. Moon
[Forthcoming Dangerous New Age]
26. Optiv - Krakpot
[Forthcoming Close 2 Death]
27. Axiom - Clairvoyance
28. Audio - Destroyed [The Sect RMX] [Forthcoming Freak]
29. Counterstrike - Extreme Mutilation VIP
Axiom Myspace

lunedì 24 agosto 2009

Redco - August 2009 Promo Mix

01. Nphonix & Logical - Antigravity [Subtitles]
02. Receptor - Rhyno [Breed12Inches]
03. Redco - Naspar VIP [T-File]
04. Cinkoz - New Element [Urban Bass Dub]
05. Maztek - Funk Me Hard [Subculture Dub]
06. Redco - Data [Trust In Music Dub]
07. Two Fingers feat. Sway - That Girl (Spor Remix) [Big Dada]
08. Hightech & Nickbee - Crush [Dub]
09. Redco - False VIP [T-File]
10. BTK - Ectoplasma [Dub]
11. Muffler - Dirrrty [SighCo]
12. Phace & Misanthrop - Fortune [Subtitles]
13. Redco - Subsense [T-File]
14. Spor - Some Other Funk [Lifted]
15. Aeph - Crucifix Lane [Flight]
16. Silent Extent - Falling Down (No Money & BTK Remix) [Close2Death Dub]
17. Redco - Shield [Dub]
18. Muffler - Melodrama [Dub]
Redco Myspace

ICR / Lowbrow - Words 2005 / Words Remix [NerveBP003]

The original of Words was released on NERVEBP002 and we decided to go back in on it for the next MP3 only release.

ICR turned in his own remix which toughened up the track a tad – harder beats and bass but with the same eerie atmosphere of the original. For the flip we drafted in Scottish producer Lowbrow and his remix is a lovely slice of minimal, techy dnb. With the minimal thing being so popular in dnb at the mo, I’ve dropped this into the odd set this year and it’s went down a treat.

A. ICR - Words 2005
B. ICR - Words (Lowbrow Remix)
ICR's Blog
Nerve Recordings

Isotone - The Tourist

This was the original plan for Nerve 016 and it even got to the test press stage before unfortunately being pulled. At the time we were having distribution problems and this release was the first casualty.

The test presses sounded great and I was optimistic that this was going to be quite a successful release, and then we had problems securing distribution. So we decided to take a wee break for a few months to try and sort it out. This release unfortunately got shelved.

Isotone has gone on to big things with Loxy and Horizons and he also returned to Nerve for our 23rd release. This track showed his potential, it’s big, loud, dancefloor friendly and proud! Chunky amen and reece bizness is the order of the day here so download it, burn it to CD or sling it in your Serato crate and test it on a system!

A. Isotone - The Tourist
Isotone Myspace
Nerve Recordings

sabato 22 agosto 2009

Term - Offend Yourself / Inner Conflict

I just released my 2 track EP Offend Yourself for free on my MySpace profile, because our label Producer-Network Records went out of business and these tracks were not available anymore.
Get it, spread it, play it...

A. Term - Offend Yourself
B. Term - Inner Conflict
Term Myspace

Prolix - August 2009 DOA Mix

01. Menace - Resistance [Icarus Audio]
02. BTK & Jumpat - No Justice No Peace [Unsigned]
03. C4C - Strangle Hold [Virus]
04. Dabs & Wrath - Who's Gonna Lead [Icarus Audio]
05. Body&Soul & Fourward - Carnage [Virus]
06. Jade & Matt-U - Moblaw [Citrus]
07. InsideInfo, Kiro & 59Crime - Response [Ammunition]
08. Rico & Scoop - Twisted Sound [Mindtech]
09. Axiom - Spellbound [Unsigned]
10. The Upbeats & Echo feat. Gridlok - Flamethrower (Bulletproof & Teknik Remix) [Project51]
11. Prolix - Spliced [Dub]
12. Chris.SU & State of Mind - Wanna Hear [Dub]
13. MarkC4C & Bones - Scavenger [Sudden Def]
14. Mindscape & BTK- Shoot First [Subtitles]
15. Ewun - Screw Up (The Upbeats Remix) [Lifted]
16. Vicious Circle & Nocturnal - Operation Index [Revolution]
17. Audio - Control Freak [BC Recordings]
18. Prolix - Brain Damage [Unique]
19. Optiv - Krakpot [Close 2 Death Dub]
20. Noisia & Foreign Beggars - Contact (Noisia Remix) [Vision]
21. Gridlok - Radar [Project51]
22. Apex - Entrapment [Lifted]
23. Audio - Planet Fall [Virus]
24. Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero [Vision]
25. Dabs - Weirdraws [Citrus]
26. Chris.SU - Illusions [Dub]
27. Dom feat. Audio - Peacekeeper [DRP]
28. Prolix - ThrowDown [BC Recordings]
29. The Upbeats - Binge Drinker [Lifted]
30. Blokhe4d - Cretin [BC Recordings]
31. Bulletproof, Mindscape & Tiki - Dark Times (State of Mind Remix) [Dub]
Prolix Myspace
Dogs On Acid

Mindscape / Pyro - Silicon Remix / Sea Of Change Remix [Nerve016]

Hungarian dnb supercollective Mindscape turned in this amazing remix of “Silicon” (originally released on NERVE009) as a swap for Noisia remixing Soulproof’s (another Hungarian dnb supergroup!) track “Untrue” and what a job they did. Stripping back the track a little and adding even more of that alien funk that we love so much!

For the flip – Pyro teamed up with friend 154 for this remix of his “Sea of Change” track (originally released on NERVE008). While keeping the atmosphere and epic vibe of the original, they managed to up the dancefloor factor and add a harder edge.

A. Noisia - Silicon (Mindscape Remix)
B. Pyro - Sea Of Change (Pyro & 154 Remix)
Mindscape Myspace
Pyro Myspace
154 Myspace
Nerve Recordings

venerdì 21 agosto 2009

Optiv - SubSessions Show @ GeorgeFM 19.08.2009

>> 00.00 - 12.30 Optiv Interview
01. Optiv - Deviant [Dub]

02. Audio - Control Freak [Dub]
03. C4C - Something Else / Sensor (Break Remix) [C4C]
04. Ed Rush & Optical - Get Ill (Prolix Remix) [Virus Dub]
05. Optiv - Sodium [Dangerous New Age]
06. Dom - Jungle Beast [Dub]
07. Audio - Planet Fall [Virus Dub]
08. Optiv - Krakpot [Dub]
09. Blokhe4d - Cretin
[BC Recordings Dub]
10. C4C - Bedlam
11. Dom - Jedi
12. Body&Soul & Fourward - Carnage [Virus Dub]
13. Ewun - Screw Up (The Upbeats Remix) [Lifted Dub]
14. C4C - Age Of Terror [C4C Dub]
15. Noisia - My World [Ram Dub]
16. Prolix - Force Of Gravity
17. Optiv & Rymetyme - Run It Red [Redlight Dub]
18. C4C - Blabber Mouth
[Virus Dub]
Optiv Myspace

ICR - Words / Arcadia [NerveBP002]

For the second of our Mp3 only releases we were very pleased to welcome onboard another amazing drum n bass producer from Hungary – ICR.

This man is one of the the most prolific drum n bass producers ever to fire up a sequencer. I’d started chatting to him online and he sent me amazing tune after amazing tune and I thought “Words” just had to come out on Nerve. It was perfect for us – tough beats and bass with an epic spooky breakdown and an eerie almost unsettling atmosphere. Amazing stuff.

For the flip we went for the more spacey beats of “Arcadia” – a bit on the lighter side but by no means a weaker track.

A. ICR - Words
B. ICR - Arcadia
ICR's Blog
Nerve Recordings

giovedì 20 agosto 2009

Pyro - End Of An Era / Levitate [NerveBP001]

We were slowly growing tired of vinyl distributors lack of faith in releasing anything that wasn’t a big dancefloor smasher or guaranteed hit and discovered the new found freedom of Mp3 only releases. Although obviously the profile was lower on these releases (and for some reason still is in drum n bass, every other electronic music genre has managed to get with the times but drum n bass still seems to put bizarre importance on vinyl) but it gave us the freedom to release what WE wanted to release when WE wanted to release it.

These two tracks are IMO two of Pyro’s finest – they continue the theme started on his “Sea of Change” track and take it up a level. Spacey, futuristic drum n bass with a ridiculously warm bassline you could make toast on. I could go on and on about these tunes but they speak for themselves, so fire them up, sit back and enjoy!

A. Pyro - End Of An Era
B. Pyro - Levitate
Pyro Myspace
Nerve Recordings

SKC & Cord / Stare - Swarm / Underdog [Nerve015]

This would be the third time SKC graced the label (fourth if you count BSE’s remix of “Recharger”) and we were over the moon to have him onboard again. He teamed up with fellow Hungarian Cord for a track called “Swarm”. To me it’s still one of the finest piece of rollin techy dnb ever made – the production is so shiney that you could eat your dinner off it, I still remember the first time I heard it played out – pretty much on the evening it was signed, I gave a CD of the track to one of Edinburgh’s finest Dj’s – ENO. He was playing at the Sub Club in Glasgow that evening and the tune just blew my socks off!

For the flip, we welcomed Estonia’s Stare onboard with his track “Underdog” – brilliant, bouncey techy dnb!

A. SKC & Cord - Swarm
B. Stare - Underdog
SKC Myspace

Nerve Recordings

arQer & Realtime - Get A Little Closer / Believe [Nerve014]

Hailing from the US, these guys first grabbed my attention with their tune “Exhaust” on DSCI4 and they delivered two amazing chunks of jump up tinged techy dnb for us. Both tracks use old skool type female vocals and combined with crisp clean breaks and bass they always go off big time “inna da dance” as they say.

I got a bit of stick from some Nerve diehards at the time of release as they thought the release was too jump up, but screw em – I loved the tunes and still do – good quality techy jumpy typey dnb!

A. arQer & Realtime - Get A Little Closer
B. arQer & Realtime - Believe
arQer & Realtime Myspace
Nerve Recordings

Fission - Pyramids / Luxor [Nerve013]

After hearing Fission’s amazing release on Friction’s old label Transparent I was keen to get some tunes from the guys. After swapping dubs for a while and doing the ol’ AIM thang I eventually signed up two tracks from the guys – “Osirion” and “Luxor” – there were about 10 others I wanted from the guys but we went with those two to start with!

After being sent to mastering, it turned out that “Osirion” was a tad crunched on the mixdown and the mastering guys couldn’t stop it distorting. The track sounded fine for playing out, but mastering and pressing to vinyl would unfortunately distort it more. So I went back to the Fission guys and had a chat with Pyro about an alternative track and “Pyramids” jumped out – a big monster of a tune! A more than ample replacement!

The track on the flip “Luxor” is dark as ya like doomy dnb – I absolutely love it, the atmosphere, the kinda unsettling breaks etc.

Probably one of the hardest 12s we ever released but defo one of the best. Fission ended up splitting into two factors – Fission and Kaiser – both went on to have more killer releases and represent Puerto Rico on the worldwide dnb scene!

A. Fission - Pyramids
B. Fission - Luxor
Nerve Recordings

mercoledì 19 agosto 2009

Kabuki - Berzerk / Pacemaker [Nerve012]

I’d been following Kabuki’s work as part of the Makai production team for years – tracks like Omen, Beneath The Mask and Northstar amongst many others were massive personal favourites of mine and tracks that I still play occasionally when playing out.

I’d spoken to Jan Kabuki on AIM a few times and we’d swap dubs etc, when he sent over “Pacemaker” I jumped on it and asked if we could have it for Nerve straight away – IMO it was perfect for us, a quality chunk of liquid funk with a techy edge and with Kabuki’s usual amazing production! We added “Berzerk” later on but ended up making it the a-side after advice from the distributor that it was the more dancefloor of the tracks so would be better suited on the a-side. I do love the track, it’s a lovely bit of kinda bouncey electroy drum n bass, but for me “Pacemaker” was the one – absolutely brilliant track.

This was later featured on Kabuki’s album “Signal To Noise” and I can’t recommend this album enough.

A. Kabuki - Berzerk
B. Kabuki - Pacemaker
Kabuki Myspace
Nerve Recordings

martedì 18 agosto 2009

Pyro - Sentinel / Oblivion Cruises Inc [Nerve011]

After Noisia on NERVE009 and Terminal Velocity on NERVE010 we decided it was time to get back to the Nerve roots and get more Pyro material out there.

“Sentinel” opened the release and it’s a moody stepper, with a big bastard of a bassline that smashed up many a dancefloor back in 2003. Proxcis stepped in to lend a hand on the flip for “Oblivion Cruises Inc” and this track still gives me the fear to this day. Sinister synth stabs combine with the tracks low slung sub bass and eerie atmospherics to lend the whole track an unnerving feel. Amazing stuff!

A. Pyro - Sentinel
B. Pyro feat. Proxcis - Oblivion Cruises Inc
Pyro Myspace
Nerve Recordings

Terminal Velocity - Reaper / Stand Alone Complex [Nerve010]

As we approached the 10th release on Nerve I’d been chatting to Jag from Terminal Velocity quite a bit online – swapping dubs etc. Their “Insane” and “Video Game” tracks on their own label had been regular features of my dj sets since their release and I was keen to get some of their material for Nerve.

These two tracks perfectly complemented each other in my opinion – big chunky breaks and sub with one track being slightly more subdued than the other – both were big dancefloor smashers.

Unfortunately the two guys in Terminal Velocity went their seperate ways production wise, I occasionally speak to Jag online and he keeps threating to drop some new beats so keep an eye out!

A. Terminal Velocity - Reaper
B. Terminal Velocity - Stand Alone Complex
Nerve Recordings

T-FREE068: Term & Doe - Positron

Term is a DJ and producer from Bonn, Germany.
He has been making beats ever since he was 14,
and on his active musical journey he came across
Downbeat, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and lately Dubstep.
His Drum & Bass releases so far mostly took place
on the (now defunct) Producer-Network label.
The other guy, Doe, is located in Hamburg, Germany.
He is into visual (especially 3-dimensional) arts
and released some Dubstep tunes on Producer-Network.
These two have teamed up for this tune which somehow
manages to escape all attempts to pidgeon-hole it...
this one is simply good music; deep and timeless.
Term Myspace
Tilt Recordings

lunedì 17 agosto 2009

Meth - 2Edged Mag Podcast

01. Audio & Meth - Grit [Subtitles]
02. Meth & Raiden - Re Up [Offkey]
03. Meth - Branch [Prospect]
04. Audio & Meth - Rampage [Prospect]
05. Meth - The Vacants [Prospect]
06. Meth - Repulsive [Offkey]
07. Ed Rush & Optical - Chub Rub [Virus]
08. Meth & Propaganda - Run Time [Dub]
09. Meth & Propaganda - Blue Notes [Dub]
Meth Myspace

Noisia / Noisia & Mayhem - Silicon / Tomahawk [Nerve009]

Well – things had ended rather badly at our previous distributors Epicentre (they went under) so we needed a new start. Some discussions with Alphamagic (who’d previously distributed NERVE001 and NERVE002) then followed and we ended up back onboard with them. So we thought we needed something a bit special to relaunch with. I’d been friends with Ant Mayhem for a while and he introduced us to the Noisia guys. We snapped up their “Silicon” track and also their collab with Mayhem for the flip – “Tomahawk”. This was Noisia’s debut release.

Both sides were amazing, “Silicon” with its rollin bassline that just grabs you by the hair and throws you around the room and “Tomahawk” with its skippy breaks and smooth bassline. This turned out to be the 12" that people would constantly ask me about over the years.

Noisia went on to do massive things on Subtitles, Ram, Virus etc etc and their own Vision imprint has become one of the top labels in the scene. At the time of writing there an album is in the works from them featuring collabs with Foreign Beggars amongst others. Mayhem also went on to release more amazing material including another collab with Noisia – “Moonway Renegade” on Ram. He has a new album forthcoming on his Shadow Law imprint and early signs indicate it’s gonna be a belter!

A. Noisia - Silicon
B. Noisia & Mayhem - Tomahawk
Noisia Myspace
Mayhem Myspace
Nerve Recordings

domenica 16 agosto 2009

SKC / Pyro - No Way / Sea Of Change [Nerve008]

People still ask me about this 12 and unfortunately I don’t really know of any copies left in existence – but thankfully in today’s Serato/CDJ friendly world you can get the tracks here and spin em to your hearts content!

We were very happy to welcome SKC back onboard – his NERVE002 release still stands out for many as the finest 12 that we ever put out and we were glad to show another side of his production here. At the time he was mostly known for techy rollers and here he delivers a brilliant slice of liquid dnb with a hard edge (liquid with baws I like to call it) – full on funk!

On the flip is the much talked about “Sea of Change” from Pyro. An epic slice of futuristic drum n bass with it’s beautiful atmospheric intro leading to a sub bass you could wash yourself in. He would later go back in on it and remix it alongside 154 but we’ll have more on that later.

A. SKC - No Way
B. Pyro - Sea Of Change
SKC Myspace
Pyro Myspace
Nerve Recordings

Psidream / Accela & Hochi - Wendigo / C Walkin [Nerve007]

Psidream had made his debut on NERVE003 and we were happy to have him back onboard. The canadian dnb maestro delivered “Wendigo” for the release – a brilliant bit of techy dnb funk – futuristic and funky!!

For the flip, Accela teamed up with Hochi. I dealt mostly with Flea from Accela, who has a degree in banter and dubious but nicely eccentric taste in music, he went on to produce some amazing stuff with Kurt Submerged from Ohm Resistance. Hochi would later go on to work with Photek for his label TEKDBZ and released some absolutely amazing tunes so check out his other beats. On to the actual track – I’d call it jump up meets techstep – super funky (how many times have I used the word funky on this site already) and a big chunky bassline.

Oh and as a site note – “C Walkin” was originally titled “Gangster Boogie” but Simon Bassline Smith released a tune with that title just before we were about to release this, so we changed it.

A. Psidream - Wendigo
B. Accela & Hochi - C Walkin
Psidream Myspace
Hochi Mypace
Nerve Recordings

Kiko / Pyro - Blowfish / Vertical Pursuit (Route154) [Nerve006]

Well after the relative success of NERVE005 I thought we’d try something a bit different. Not wanting to just release another 12″ in the conventional method, I thought a three part series of white label only releases would be quite nice. One, they’d be quick and easy to release so we could get the tracks out quicker – and two, the lower cost would ease the usual “we distribute vinyl so therefor are usually scared to release new artists material unless it’s an anthem” mindset of distributors. I called it “The Ternary Series” – and this was part 1.

So, Kiko from the US sent me the amazing “Blowfish”. An amazingly funky but techy chunk of dnb. To this day – still a favourite from the back catalogue and one I play more often than most of the back cat – still sounds amazing on a system. Unfortunately Kiko doesn’t really produce anymore and has kinda vanished, so if anyone knows Kiko, or if you’re reading this Kiko – please get in touch! We’d love to put out more of your stuff or at least get “Blowfish” a wee 2009 update!!

For the flip, Pyro delivered the dark, rollin tech of “Vertical Pursuit” – with brilliant and chunky production, this one completed the 12 perfectly.

A. Kiko - Blowfish
B. Pyro - Vertical Pursuit (Route 154)
Pyro Myspace
Nerve Recordings

Neonlight - Artillery LP Mini Mix

01. Neonlight - Wave (Intro) [Artillery LP]
02. Da VIP - Armour [Ammunition Dub]
03. BrainfuzZ - Discords [Artillery LP]
04. Maztek - Deadly Passion [Artillery LP]
05. RolaR - Neiron [Artillery LP]
06. Hedj - Robots [Artillery LP]
07. Paperclip - Mechadroid [Ammunition Dub]
08. Task Horizon & Silent Extent - 420 [Artillery LP]
09. T-Tech - The Unknown [Ammunition Digital]
10. Dub Elements - Green Bottle [Artillery LP]
11. KinetiX - The Eye Of Horus [Artillery LP]
12. Kryteria - We Can Settle It [Artillery LP]
13. Diode - First Kick VIP [Artillery LP]
14. Neonlight - Wave [Artillery LP]
Ammunition Recordings

venerdì 14 agosto 2009

Paul Reset / SKC - Crisis (Kemal Remix) / Recharger (BSE Remix) [Nerve005]

As we approached our fifth release, we decided it’d be nice to do something a wee bitty special and get some remixes done. Kemal was a friend from around the dnb scene in Glasgow (he gave me my first proper gig and we also worked on a track called Kontempt for Underfire) so I asked if he fancied taking on one of my breaks tunes. I met him for a coffee and gave him the parts to “Crisis” (originally released on NB004) and within a couple of days – he’d finished it, the man was a genius in the studio The track was and probably still is the biggest track we’ve ever released – everyone was playing it – from Andy C to Marcus Intalex and everyone inbetween. The release did well – but just after it came out our distributor at the time (Epicentre) went under, so I have no real idea how it sold other than “well”.

For the flip, we recruited rising stars Black Sun Empire. They’d been releasing some absolutely amazing tunes and we were keen to see what they’d do to SKC’s “Recharger” (from NERVE002). They turned in a brilliant remix which upped the dancefloor factor of the original and added their own very unique BSE touches.

A. Paul Reset - Crisis (Kemal Remix)
B. SKC - Recharger (Black Sun Empire Remix)
Paul Reset Myspace
SKC Myspace
Black Sun Empire Myspace

giovedì 13 agosto 2009

Gridlok - Warhol / Struggle [Nerve004]

In my opinion, the finest drum n bass producer in the states – Gridlok graced us with these two top quality chunks of techy dnb way back in 2002, long before his affiliations with the mighty Violence Recordings, Renegade Hardware and his own current imprint Project 51.

I think they sound as fresh today as they did back then. Especially “Struggle” – it’s always been one of my personal Nerve favourites – chunky but funky.

A. Gridlok - Warhol
B. Gridlok - Struggle
Gridlok Myspace
Nerve Recordings

Zero Method Live @ Szolfezs Radiocafe 98.6 - 08.08.2009

01. Felon - New Beginning (Zero Method Remix) [Unsigned]
02. Zero Method - Runtime Module [Trust In Music]
03. Future Signal & Zero Method - Defrag [Unsigned]
04. Audio & Future Signal - Furyen [Subtitles]
05. Zero Method & NME Click - Plankton [Unsigned]
06. - Bandpassed [Subtitles]
07. Zero Method - Jughead (Two) [DSCI4]
08. Optiv feat. Ryme Tyme - Run It Red [Redlight]
09. Bulletproof & Mindscape feat. Tiki - Dark Times (State Of Mind Remix) [Cyanide]
10. Rido - Synthesia [Citrus]
11. Jade & Mindscape - Banshee [Citrus]
12. Dis - Foes [Tactile Vinyl]
13. Black Sun Empire - Dont You (State Of Mind v2 Remix) [BSE]
14. Mindscape & Zero Method - Dissonant [Subtitles]
15. Chris.Su - First Snow [Subtitles]
16. SKC - Till I Die [Unsigned]
17. Future Signal & Zero Method - Enforcement [Unsigned]
18. Dose - Say It Again [Subtitles]
Zero Method Myspace

mercoledì 12 agosto 2009

Sewa Mix 2009

01. Tritonia [00:00] [DBox]

02. Bambus Mah [04:31] [Unreleased]

03. Istanbul Star [07:09] [Modulate]

04. Ghouls [09:47] [Unreleased]
05. Biolite [11:40] [Unreleased]

06. The Legendary Battle [14:40] [Modulate]

07. Memor Was The King [17:30] [Unreleased]
08. Midnight Knight [19:12] [Unreleased]

09. Supernova [20:53] [Unreleased]

10. Time Revolution [22:24] [DBox]

11. The Void [24:50] [Transistor Technology]

12. The Warriors Code [27:30] [Unreleased]
Sewaside Collective

Future Signal - August 2009 Studio Mix

01.Future Signal - Victim [Contaminated]
02. Future Signal - Stick With The Herd
03. Future Signal - Vice City [Flight]
04. Future Signal - Slave [M-Atome]
05. Future Signal - London Pride
06. Future Signal - World Of Sound [Citrus]
07. Future Signal & Proktah - Antidote [Dub]
08. Future Signal - Games Master [Unsigned]
09. Future Signal & Semantics - Juggernaught [Trust In Music]
10. Future Signal - Fallen Angel
11. Audio & Future Signal - Furyen [Subtitles]
12. Proktah feat. Future Signal - Insecticide [Disturbed]
13. Future Signal & Zero Method - Enforcement
14. Future Signal & Zero Method - Defrag
15. Future Signal - Caramel Music
16. Future Signal - Trapdoor
17. Future Signal & Maztek - Eclipse [Subculture]
Future Signal Myspace

martedì 11 agosto 2009

Tilt-Recordings Mix Podcast Vol.3: Try And Error

The third Tilt-Recordings Mix-Podcast comes from Try and Error, two promising newcomers from a small town near Frankfurt in Germany. After their debut together with Kaiza on T-Files in April 2009, three tunes following on T-FREE and two on Mind Outside, they have more forthcoming material signed to T-Files, Human Soul, Mindtech and other labels... With this balance after just half a year of presence, it is time for them to do a promotional mix and showcase their works.

01. Cyclone - Acetylene (Kaiza Remix) [Anxiety Disorder]
02. Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Safari [Unreleased]
03. Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Zafary [T-Free]
04. Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Assat VIP (Batuh) [Unreleased]
05. Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Fluid [T-File]
>> Kaiza feat. Try and Error - "Hybrid" [Anxiety Disorder]
06. Forbidden Society - Manic Circle / Soul Annihilation (Kaiza Duo Remix) [Unreleased]
07. Try and Error - Speaker Blow [Unreleased]
08. Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Fuck The Speakers [Unreleased]
09. Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Use The Machine VIP [Unreleased]
10. Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Device [Unreleased]
11. Kaiza & Shots - Purple View [T-File]
Try And Error Myspace
Tilt Recordings

Alex Rayden - The Factory Recordings Podcast 01

01. Anthrax - Averno [TFR]
02. A-Negative - Secrets [TFR Dub]
03. Vital Substance - Illusions [TFR]
04. DroneHead - Schissis [TFR Dub]
05. Hightech & NickBee - Crush [Close 2 Death]
06. Halogen - Ascension (A-Negative Remix) [Dub]
07. Billain - Intrusion [Breed 12 Inches]
08. Kung - Implosion [TFR]
09. DroneHead - Click Cascade [TFR Dub]
10. A-Negative - Rapture [TFR Dub]
11. NickBee - Danger Silence [Protogen]
12. Kung - Unlock [Dub]
13. JackSlater - Deactivated [Dub]
14. Overbears - Future Bitange [TFR]
15. Acid Lab - Deadly Katana [Basswerk Files]
16. Alex Rayden - Pityus [TFR Dub]
17. A-Negative - Victims [TFR Dub]
18. Anthrax - The Empire Of The Shadows [TFR]
19. A-Negative - Parasite (Feat. Verbal) [Dub]
20. Anthrax - Day Of Crisis [TFR Dub]
21. NickBee & Alex Rayden - Daydream [Wayside]
22. Vital Substance - Illusions (NickBee Remix) [TFR]
23. Kung - Perceptive [TFR]
24. NickBee - Mystery [Dub]
25. DroneHead - Glyph [TFR Dub]
26. A-Negative - Karmacoma [TFR Dub]
27. Anthrax - The Empire Of The Shadows (NickBee Remix) [Subculture Dub]
28. Kung - Golden Chains [Dub]
29. DroneHead - Hyperial [TFR Dub]
30. Anthrax - Averno (NickBee Remix) [Dub]
31. Vital Substance - Replicant [Dub]
32. Alex Rayden - Good Memories [Dub]
Alex Rayden Myspace
The Factory Recordings

Psidream - Refraction / Quiver [Nerve003]

Canadian drum n bass supremo Psidream has since gone on to big things with releases on Barcode, Uprising and Renegade Hardware but when we received his demo in 2002 he was yet to have a release.

Both of these tracks jumped out at me – especially “Refraction” – it reminded me of the Audio Blueprint sound – nice and techy but with a real groove to it – good quality techy funk. So this was his debut release and it had a good impact within the scene at the time and picked up lots of favourable reviews. He would return to Nerve later on NERVE007 with “Wendigo” but more on that later.

For info – the MP3s are unfortunately vinyl rips as I’ve lost the WAVs of the tracks – this is the last Nerve release in the same boat and all other uploads will be encoded from the original WAVs (NERVE004 onwards).

A. Psidream - Refraction
B. Psidream - Quiver
Psidream Myspace
Nerve Recordings

lunedì 10 agosto 2009

Pyro - Tension / Spaced [Nerve001]

After myself and Pyro had a few collaborative releases under our belts on labels like Trouble on Vinyl and Flex it seemed like a logical step to launch our own label. Dylan from Alphamagic got in touch offering to set it all up for it – nice and simple P&D style. After scratching our heads for a name for a while we finally came up with Nerve and the label was born!

Originally we had planned to use the label to release just our own material and these two tracks had been kicking around on dub, getting a fair bit of attention, so they seemed the perfect candidates to kick us off.

For the artwork, we were given the luxury of a fully designed bag as opposed to the black disco bag, at the time I was co-running an event called LiveVEvil in Glasgow and Nick who designed all the flyers offered to help out with the artwork. I jumped at the offer and the above artwork was designed!

Although the tracks do sound a little dated now, I’m still very proud of them and will never forget playing “Tension” off a 10″ plate to a packed Glasgow Art School crowd, seeing them go off and thinking “aye”

So grab the MP3s and play em loud.

A. Pyro - Tension
B. Pyro - Spaced

Pyro Myspace
Nerve Recordings

SKC - Recharger / Ancestry [Nerve002]

An online friend Michael Rivera passed me a track from a new producer called SKC – the track was “Awakening”. I was blown away by it – real funky drum n bass on a techy tip – capturing the futuristic vibe of No U Turn etc but driving up the funk levels even more. The tune in question was to feature as SKC’s first release and also the first release on Michael’s Inflection Records.

I got in touch with SKC and asked if he’d send me a CD of bits and when it arrived, the first track “Recharger” jumped out at me. It’s crisp breaks, clean production and earworm style bassline just grabbed my attention straight away. More and more attention was working its way towards SKC and there were a few other labels interested. Kemal was keen to take it for his Negative imprint, so we sat down and had a chat about it and we thought that the release would be more suited to Nerve.

So it came out as Nerve002 and to this day is still one of the best examples of that tech funk vibe that was regaining popularity at that time. Of course SKC has gone on to bigger things with labels such as Commercial Suicide but these two tracks struggle to be beaten.

For info – the MP3s are unfortunately vinyl rips as I’ve lost the WAVs of the tracks – there’s only one other Nerve release in the same boat and all other uploads will be encoded from the original WAVs.

A. SKC - Recharger
B. SKC - Ancestry

SKC Myspace
Nerve Recordings

sabato 8 agosto 2009

Kano & Dynamic - Cyclone Recordings Podcast 02

01. Displaced Paranormals - Eron [Dub]
02. Displaced Paranormals - Patterns [Dub]
03. Sunchase - Varka [Dub]
04. Anile - Intice [Broken Audio Dub]
05. Linden - Sabotage [Broken audio Dub]
06. Instra:mental feat. D-Bridge - Detuned [Darkestral]
07. Data - The Causeway [Dub]
08. Atom - Robot Fight [Influence Records]
09. Data.Dynamic & DJ. E - Skinwalkers [Revolution]
10. Enei & Nickbee - Heros & Gods
11. Kiat - Slave Codes [Function]
12. Ulterior Motive & Judda - Flash Point [Dub]
13. Ultracode - G [Dub]
14. Sunchase - Moulded [Dub]
15. Sabre - Global [Subtitles]
16. Ultracode - Untitled [Dub]
17. Survival - Untitled [Dub]
18. Flame, Kano & Dynamic - Save Us [Dub]
19. Flame & Kano - Raygun [Dub]
20 .Dakosa - Humanity [Dub]
21. Cern - Non Fiction [Shadybrain]
22. Survival - Too Little Too Late [Exit]
23. Sinistarr & Kiat - Black Diamonds [Hospital]
24. Instra:mental feat. D-Bridge - Translucent [Darkestral]
Kano Myspace
Dynamic Myspace
Cyclone Recordings Myspace

Subcast003: Machine Code - The Subsistenz Edition

01. Replicator - Kemikal (Dean Rodell Remix) [Dark Asylum]
02. Machine Code - Mechanisms [Subsistenz]
03. Machine Code - Inductance [Mentally Disturbed]
04. Current Value - This World [Subsistenz]
05. Machine Code - Nebular [Mentally Disturbed]
06. Machine Code - Machine Freak [Subtrakt]
07. Current Value - Grey Steel [Freak]
08. Machine Code - Silicon Base [PRSPCT]
09. Machine Code - Recoded [PRSPCT]
10. DvK - Ruin The Dark (Current Value Remix) [Subsistenz]
11. Dvk, Gancher & Ruin vs. Machine Code - ??? [Subviolenz]
12. DvK vs. Cooh - Kat Scratch [Position Chrome]
13. Machine Code - Thermal Stress [Subsistenz]
14. Machine Code - Back To Tresor [Subdivision]
15. Current Value - Heavy Weight [Subtrakt]
16. Senser - End Of The World Show (Machine Code Remix) [Subdivision/Imprint Music]
17. Cooh vs. Counterstrike - Computer Control [Counter Strike Rec]
18. Limewax vs. Current Value - Shape Of Space [LB]
Machine Code Myspace
Subdivision Media

venerdì 7 agosto 2009

Dose - August 2009 Studio Mix

01. Psidream & Pacific - Runway (Dose & Menace Remix) [Symptom]
02. Break - ReTech [Symmetry]
03. Mindscape & Munk - Into the night [Subtitles]
04. Dose - Say It Again [Citrus]
05. State Of Mind - Wake Up (Mindscape Remix) [SOM]
06. Tiki Taane - Wotcha Got (Teknik Remix) [Tikidub]
07. Break - Is This What You Want VIP [Symmetry]
08. Bulletproof, Teknik & Nymfo - 3 of a kind [Cyanide]
09. Bungle - The Need Of Being Alone [Soul:r]
10. Beak & Die - Get Some [Clear Skyz]
11. Dose & Menace - Down The Hatch [Critical Music]
12. Fierce & Optiv - Surface Noise [Quarantine]
13. Dose - Brain Drain [M-Atome]
14. 2 Cities - Concrete Vein [Commercial Suicide]
15. Mindscape - The Vulture (Dose & Menace Remix) [Syndrome Audio]
16. Menace & Nymfo - Drunk Funk [Project51]
17. Cern & Nymfo - Proton pack [Dub]
18. Phobia & Jubei - The Fugtive [Coded Music]
19. Dose - Control me [Dub]
20. Leon Switch - Untitled [Subtitles]
21. Break - Reach Out [Symmetry]
22. Dose & Teknik - Intruder [Dub]
23. Bulletproof, Teknik & Dose - Oddball [Cyanide]
24. Dose & Menace - Pick Up VIP [Samurai Music]
25. Dose, Trei & Menace - Valium Express VIP [Dub]
26. Teknik, Dose, Menace & Vicious Circle - Mutiny [Dub]
Dose Myspace

giovedì 6 agosto 2009

T-FREE067: Effect - Fragmentation

Effect is a newcomer from Lodz in Poland, the polish equivalent of Mannheim in Germany. He is only 18 years old, started producing Drum & Bass tunes just in 2007 and has been hooked to the Techno-DNB sound immediately (aside from that he makes Hardtechno-tunes). Naturally he has not yet managed to catch a lot of attention on an international level, but his ideas do not need to be hidden…
Effect Myspace
Tilt Recordings

Subsonik Studio Mix August 2009

01. Trippcore - Runaway [Subsonik Sound]
02. Kiro Vs. Neonlight - Blackout [Trust In Music]
03. Terravita - In The Zone [Virus]
04. Aeph - Metastab [Black Seed]
05. Utopia - Scan Me [Breed12Inches]
06. Subsenix - Hot & Old [Dub]
07. Hedj - Acid Fruit [Trust In Music]
08. Subsonik Vs. Kiro - Hold On [Subsonik Sound]
09. Aeph - The Burning Shadow [C2D]
10. Chaos Theory - Untold Stories [Subsonik Sound]
11. Terravita - Faceless Butcher [Virus]
12. Ben Sage feat. Savvy - Sleepless VIP [Evol Intent]
13. Quadrant - My Beautiful Liar VIP [Unreleased]
14. Utopia - Diamond Shine [Breed12Inches]
Subsonik Sound Myspace

TriaMer Sudio Mix + Free Tunes

01. Noggano - True Song (Intro)
02. TriaMer - Start The Mission [Forthcoming Foulplay Recordings]
03. TriaMer & Redkin - Kruyk [Unsigned]
04. TriaMer - The Law [Forthcoming SCPTX Recordings]
05. The Tramex (TriaMer & Maxis) - Hot Fuzz [Unsigned]
06. TriaMer - Freedom [Unsigned]

07. TriaMer - Future Shock [Unsigned]
08. TriaMer - Death Has Come [Unsigned]
09. TriaMer - My Lord (Remastered) [TBA 12"]
10. TriaMer - Vacation [Forthcoming Culture Assault]
11. TriaMer & Exiva - No One Can Stop Us [Unsigned]
12. TriaMer - Fuckin' Place [Unsigned]

13. TriaMer - Evil VIP [Forthcoming SCPTX Recordings]
14. The Tramex (TriaMer & Maxis) - The Master [Unsigned]
15. TriaMer & Fantastique - Circle-K [Unsigned]
16. Sintax - Insane (TriaMer Remix) [Unsigned]
17. TriaMer & BlackCode - T-Virus [Forthcoming SCPTX Recordings]
18. TriaMer - Technological Terror [TBA 12"]
19. TriaMer - Transmission (Unfinished) [TBA 12"]
20. TriaMer - Untitled Unfinished

Scor P - Beatdown (TriaMer Remix) [2008]
TriaMer - Gargona [2008]
TriaMer - Mutants [Mindocracy recordings] [2009]
TriaMer - Your Fear [2008]
TriaMer & Maxis - Im Sorry [Dnb Style Recordings] [2008]
TriaMer - Arabian [2009]
TriaMer - Explode [2009]
Zyaba & TriaMer - Disturbia [2009]
TriaMer Myspace

mercoledì 5 agosto 2009

Nphonix - Filthcast 012

01. Masheen - Resin (Nphonix Remix) [Sudden Def]
02. Jade & Ryme Tyme - Venom [Citrus]

03. Nphonix & Enei - Quicksilver [Citrus]
04. Task Horizon & Mind Elevation - Watch The Skys [Dangerous New Age]

05. Nphonix & Logical - Antigravity [Subtitles]
06. Raiden - La Luna [Renegade Hardware]

07. Nphonix & Enei - Shadowdancer [Icarus Audio]

08. Jade & Mindscape - Banshee [Citrus]
09. Nphonix & Enei - MZK [Dub]
10. BTK & Jumpat - Funkey Munkey [Cyanide]

11. Nphonix - Victimology [Contaminated
12. Counterstrike & Zardonic - Hardocre Will Never Die [Human Imprint]
13. Nphonix, BTK & CBX - Project 2501 [Algorythm]

14. SPL - Juggernaut [Lost Soul]

15. Nphonix - Dead End [Contaminated]

16. Masheen - Frozen Nature [Habit]

17. Nphonix & Paperclip - Phasm [Sudden Def]

18. Katharsys - Simbiosys
19. Nphonix - Further [Lost Soul Recordings]
20. Lucio De Rimanez - Infection [Culture Assault]

21. Nphonix - Sever [Algorythm Recordings]
22. Receptor - Crematorium
23. Kaiza & Try & Error - Two Thousand Now
24. Katharsys - Walkin Device [Barcode]

25. Current Value - Bruja [Barcode]

Nphonix Myspace
Barcode Recordings Myspace