sabato 22 agosto 2009

Mindscape / Pyro - Silicon Remix / Sea Of Change Remix [Nerve016]

Hungarian dnb supercollective Mindscape turned in this amazing remix of “Silicon” (originally released on NERVE009) as a swap for Noisia remixing Soulproof’s (another Hungarian dnb supergroup!) track “Untrue” and what a job they did. Stripping back the track a little and adding even more of that alien funk that we love so much!

For the flip – Pyro teamed up with friend 154 for this remix of his “Sea of Change” track (originally released on NERVE008). While keeping the atmosphere and epic vibe of the original, they managed to up the dancefloor factor and add a harder edge.

A. Noisia - Silicon (Mindscape Remix)
B. Pyro - Sea Of Change (Pyro & 154 Remix)
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