domenica 16 agosto 2009

Psidream / Accela & Hochi - Wendigo / C Walkin [Nerve007]

Psidream had made his debut on NERVE003 and we were happy to have him back onboard. The canadian dnb maestro delivered “Wendigo” for the release – a brilliant bit of techy dnb funk – futuristic and funky!!

For the flip, Accela teamed up with Hochi. I dealt mostly with Flea from Accela, who has a degree in banter and dubious but nicely eccentric taste in music, he went on to produce some amazing stuff with Kurt Submerged from Ohm Resistance. Hochi would later go on to work with Photek for his label TEKDBZ and released some absolutely amazing tunes so check out his other beats. On to the actual track – I’d call it jump up meets techstep – super funky (how many times have I used the word funky on this site already) and a big chunky bassline.

Oh and as a site note – “C Walkin” was originally titled “Gangster Boogie” but Simon Bassline Smith released a tune with that title just before we were about to release this, so we changed it.

A. Psidream - Wendigo
B. Accela & Hochi - C Walkin
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Hochi Mypace
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