venerdì 16 ottobre 2009

[ZRD021LP] The Skullstep Agenda Vol. 1

Today is our greatest celebration, as we have gathered the first installment of a series that will crush the dream of heaven, as we bring forth the ultimate artillery in sonic weaponry, internationally acknowledged as “Skullstep”. Ladies and gentlemen, Zardonic Recordings proudly presents: [ZRD021LP] THE SKULLSTEP AGENDA VOL. 1, a warfare of mind terror carefully conceived by the finest scientists around the globe to quench their thirst for dancefloor apocalypse.

And if that doesn’t suffice your filthy desire for destruction, here’s the best part. As an unlimited time offer, Zardonic Recordings brings you a chance to destroy the world for free. Just click on the download links and push the play button, free of charge, you will be able to experience the joy of a world coming to its end.

01. Dub Elements – Bad Girls Go To Hell
02. Lucio De Rimanez – Pain
03. The Teknoist – This Skull Of Mine (Hurts Like Fuck)
04. NLB a.k.a. Renegade Scientist – Horn Related
05. Zardonic & Forbidden Society – Suffering And Pain
06. Arsenic – Heroin
07. 2R – Mysticism
08. Kryteria – There’s A War Coming
09. Cenobites – Temper Tantrum
10. Kid Kryptic – Red Light Green
11. Vortex Involute – Pink Coffin In My Room
12. Identity & Xpander – Jigsaw
13. Zombie – Fallout

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