mercoledì 21 ottobre 2009

T-FREE071: Kaiza feat. Try And Error - Mikroskop

Here is another technoid outing by the never tired German producer Kaiza and his allies Try and Error. It rolls forward very much with the Kaiza-typical fast staccato percussions which are nearly inaudible to the untrained ear but form a dynamic core within the centre of the reduced, straight halfbar beat. The bassline and bassdrums together with the snare form a virtual 4/4 structure which is broken by a concert of stabs and mangled samples and many edits, all in a counterdynamic arrangement, 100% Techno. The tune is significantly different from many older Kaiza productions in that the main elements of the beat are not so dominant in the mixdown but rather merge with the percussion layers and even the bass, creating a dense entity of interchanging rythms (the outro reveals this character of the tune by stripping it almost completely down to the beat).
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