venerdì 9 ottobre 2009

Pyro - The Modules EP [NerveEP006]

We're very proud to announce our first new release since we gave away the back catalogue, and continuing the ethic - this release is available to download for free (as with all future releases).
Expect the same Nerve high quality beats but without paying a penny.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Pyro release on Nerve (although he picked the tracks for the brilliant New Frontiers EP) and this collaborations project has been a year in the making – but it’s definitely been worth the wait! Defo showing Pyro at the top of game production wise. Showing that the techno dnb thing can be done so well without falling into any of the cliche’s unfortunately associated with the genre. You’ll find no noisy, hard as hell tracks here – only top quality techno dnb with a groove.

A. Pyro & 154 - War On Error
B. Pyro, CRS & Mundane - Listen Up
C. Pyro & Dubbilan - Machines
D. Pyro & Amex
- Facem
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