domenica 6 luglio 2008

Raiden LIVE @ Therapy Sessions Melbourne 11.05.08

Part 1:
Whitehouse - Cut Hands are the Solution
Adam Freeland - Want Your soul (Raiden rmx)
Sect - Evolve
Jeff Mills - Nepta
Dying Punks - Plink Plonk
Donny - Symtomless Coma (CV vip)
Vex'd - Angels
Mumblz & Ca2K - Empty Space (Raiden rmx)
Khanage and Resound (feat Stapleton) - Atlas
Dying Punks - Kursk Loop
Raiden - Peloton
MbM Loop
Current Value - Wulf
Dramatise Loop
Limewax - Golden Path
AFX - Elephant Song
BR Loop
Keaton & Hive - The Plague (Hive vip)
Bite it Loop
Big Business Accapela
Current Value - Addict
See this Way Loop
Actaul rmx 3 Loop
Rattle Break
Tech Itch - Hex
Aphex Twin - Pac Man
Joey Beltram - Game Form (Mike Dearborn rmx)
Surgeon - Badger Bite
Propaganda - Bear Wittness
Surgeon - Whos bad Hands are these? (Monolake rmx)
Raiden - Baptism of Fire
Curve - Falling Free - (Aphex Twin rmx)
Detroit balls loops
Jeff Mills - Actual rmx 7
Current Value - Integera
Limewax - Siren loop
Audio - Error
Mbt Loop
Raiden - Error/Proket Mash up
Raiden - Helium

Part 2:
Raiden - Helium
MtC Loop
Current Value - Echolot
Dying Punks - WingChem
Jeff Mills - Revealing the Infinite
Dying Punks - We Love Your Robots
Raiden - Sputnik
Raiden - The Firm
Propaganda - Hyperdermic
Acidoutside Loop
Current Value and Raiden - Scrapyard
Autechure Bells
Woody McBride - Basketball Heros
Raiden - Actaul 8 mash up
Jeff Mills - Above Waiting Worlds
Current Value and Raiden - RM Bleeps
Candence loop
Random Noise Generator
Aphex Twin - Isoprophlex
Limewax - WooHwoooowooh
Blueprint Loop
AFX - Window Licker rmx
Aphex Twin - Funny Little Man
Alec Empire - Microchipkinder
Vicous Circle and Universal Project - Rollers Convention
Surgeon - Intro Version II
Current Value and Raiden - Untitled
Berlin Loop 1
Berlin Loop 2
Vex'd - Lion VIP
Wolf Amen
RM Saw Stab
Gien - Break the Enemy
Whitehouse - Wriggle Like a Fucking eel
Current Value and Donny - Drill
Wolf Amen
Dying Punks and Current Value - Untitled

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