venerdì 11 luglio 2008

Symptum aka Diode - Elevation vol.3 - Aural Sex

Hey everyone,
Here's that latest installment to Trauma Dominions ELEVATION series, ARUAL SEX mixed by myself SYMPTUM aka DIODE. It's a bit more rolling than previous mixes in the TRAUMATIZED series, but still bangin none the less. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Chook- Shadowland XL
2. Cern- Satellites
3. Cern- Shuddervision
4. Catacomb- Doom Riders
5. Break and Survival- Dawn
6. Phace and Rawtek- Sketchpack
7. Catacomb- Farewell
8. Morebeat- Colours
9. Bad Company- Mindgames
10. Break and Silent Witness- Visions Of The Future
11. Mindscape and Chris Su feat Rhymetyme- Planet X (V.C remix)
12. Bullettproof and Teknik- Visions
13. Psidream and Pacific- Insecure
14. Mindscape and Rhymetyme- Sickness
15. Silent Witness and Survival- Lifeblood
16. Raiden- Fallin' (Friction remix)
17. Catacomb- Arms In Reach
18. Cern- Black Magic
19. Break- Meridian
20. C4C- Catch 22
Elevation vol.1