mercoledì 7 maggio 2008

T-FREE-3EP026 + T-FREE042

Like Isotop + Shots and The Phalanx, Acid_Lab
is a fresh talent from Palatinate in Germany.
He and his partner Scale shamelessly produce
very reduced tunes that resemble the sound of
No U-Turn and Saigon in 1996 and 1997, bringing
the oldschool Techstep style back to life today.
He has just released a checkworthy EP with four
such tunes on the infamous netlabel "Darkland".
And watch out for more of his tunes forthcoming
on a well known German Drum & Bass label...

Acid_Lab + Scale - "Fade Away"
Acid_Lab - "Dominator"
Acid_Lab - "Hardwired"

Originally hailing from Palatinate, Violentbreakz
lives in Cologne and is part of the very respected
Quake-Inc crew who are holding one of the best
event series for technoid Drum & Bass in Germany.
He has just recently released 3 tunes digitally on
the famous Basswerk label: 2 tunes via Basswerk Files
and another one via the new sublabel B-Free.
There will surely be more in the future... Watch him!

Violentbreakz - "Exekutive"
Tilt Recordings
Acid Lab Myspace
Violentbreakz Myspace
Violentbreakz's Release on Basswerk Free Netlabel