sabato 17 maggio 2008

T-FREE043: Stereotype

Stereotype is a newcomer from Chernigov (Ukraine).
So far, he has released tunes on quite some netlabels:
Cyclone's "Anxiety Disorder", Russian "Future 13"
and "Steklopaket Infinity", Italian "Subculture Digital"
and finally the very infamous "Darkland" imprint.
His productions are notably improving, he keeps producing
many tunes and more releases are scheduled: a digital EP on
"Mind Outside Recordings" and a tune on the CD compilation
"Forbidden Researches 2" of the well respected Ukrainian
label "Don't Panic Recordings", amongst others. He will
probably make himself a well known name in the Techno-DNB
scene, and T-FREE presents his roller "Victory Or Death".
Tilt Recordings