venerdì 28 marzo 2008

BFree: Basswerk's Free Netlabel

We decided to start a free giveaway label mainly cause regardless of discussion of music value there are a lot of people that can’t even find a way to pay small amounts of money for mp3s, even if they wanted to, cause they have no credit card. So this is a taste for them of what is there. We also remind everyone that Basswerk shop also accepts orders without credit card etc. (for example send by postage or bank).

The first release is by violentbreakz who at the same time releases 2 more tracks on basswerk files 13 (to be announced in the next few days). He will as well be featured with one track on our new CD. Even if it costs nothing, we wont miss the fun of doing a cover for it using a beautiful photos by Eva Bartsch.

Violentbreakz a.k.a Björn Schwarte is a young talented producer from our hometown Cologne, who has grown up musically in the vital Cologne scene with a lot of parties going on. He is a trained and highly skilled drummer loving hard drum & bass and his production skills on his PC and with his UAD-Card and Plugs become stronger and stronger. We are impressed by the unconventional and emotional way he treats his beats and sounds. His drums sound very much like coming from the heart

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