venerdì 25 aprile 2008

MAZTEK 2 Free Tunes on Future 13 rec

What do your know about the future? How do you see your part in this world in your life in future? What can you do for the future, that it would be more like your positive imagination of it?Many people live their lives, looking on everything through «pink glasses», they disparage many global dramatic changes that happening in this world, they don't imagine that every step can be fatal. Only small part of humanity really understands that our civilization is now staying on threshold of catastrophe.

Therefore we opened The Future 13 label, we want to reproduce that disturbing information with the aid of music released on our label.Future 13 is a free digital label focused on Drum & Bass music in any style and direction suitable for conception of the label (Techno Drum & Bass, Neurofunk, Darkstep, Hardstep, Intelligent and others). The main idea of our label is to maintain beginning musicians but already having a right to be heard. We always would be glad to develop together with you! For cooperation please contact And remember, future is in your hands, and only you can change it!

Maztek, guitarist and percussion player, now Dj and producer, begins his musical career at the age of 13, when he played with his first band as lead guitarist. In 2000 he turns into electronical music, and he starts to test techno sound.In this period he was very active in the underground techno rave scene. In 2005 he produces 3 albums, the first trip hop and the others electronic and sperimental break. In 2006 he started organizing d'n'b nights with famous guests like Outrage (metalheadz),Dj Radic (fullforce recordings) and Congo NAtty. They all are called "Subculture DNB Party" who is also the name of his movement.

His music has a deep rhythm which joins metropolitan sounds, tough and rapid, with wrapping rhythms and hot voices. Every track is composed with rounds of bass that makes the speakers flutter, broken by fast and bright beats, and by high quality fragmented samplings. The final result is a catchy mix of a technical rhythm elaborated in every singol part.

Now he cooperates with Total Wipes rec, Ninth Zone Records, Combat Records and with the most active djs in the Italian underground scene.

Future13 [004]

a.Maztek - Twisted Mind
b.Maztek - Chains Broker

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