giovedì 31 dicembre 2009

T-FREE072 / T-FREE073 / TFREE074

After his vinyl debut on Dramfank, two digital
releases on Tilt-Recordings / T-Files and three
more tunes on the netlabels Fish Recordings and
Internet Recordings, Mefjus delivers another one
of his midrange-driven techfunk rollers with a
dramatic intro & build-up and a surprising break.
And 2010 will see much more releases... Watch him!
Mefjus - Teknique

Eiton is a young newcomer producer/DJ from France.
He is part of the promoting association "UNC.Audio"
and does produce as "n0te" together with Kenei.
Eiton has been making waves in the Techno-DNB scene
even before his first release: his epic "Kopilot"
was a huge underground hit ever since mid 2008.
In 2009 it was released on Impakt Records, shortly
after his debut "Ethanol" (alongside a Pyro Remix)
on the Digital Venom label. He has also released
tunes on Melting Pot Digital, T3K Recordings and
the Belgian netlabels Necroid and Cyber Crunk.
He is also signed to Synchronize Recordings, SCPTX,
Sinuous, Insekto and some coming-soon-labels.
In summary, there is no doubt that Eiton will make
his way trough the ranks of technoid Drum & Bass.
Eiton - Factis

Larrge is a DJ and producer from Sevilla, Spain.
He has been deejaying for 12 years and finally
made the next step to producing tunes in 2008.
"Black Hole" is his debut: a functional tune,
100% technoid, free of melody but not "hard".
It is built on rhythm and variation, laying out
a texture of interconnecting percussion loops.
Larrge obviously know what kind of tunes a DJ
needs in his sets, and he does cater that need.
Soon, more of his works will be coming on other
netlabels such as Necroid and Fish Recordings.
Larrge - Black Hole

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