mercoledì 16 dicembre 2009

Morphy Vs. Linden - Tuva Remix / Samsara Remix [Nerve025]

Well we’ve got something a bit special here to wrap up 2009 for Nerve. Two of Scotland’s best producers go head to head, remixing each other’s material and moulding the tracks into their own inimitable shape.

First up we’ve got Morphy taking on “Tuva” (From Linden’s “Hidden EP”). The original was a techy beast of a track and I was keen to see what Morphy would do it. He’s stripped all the elements back, coated it in lush analogue warmth and delivered an amazing chunk of movie soundtrack style dnb. Dipping it’s toes into the world of IDM and ambient but retaining the dark dubby groove he’s become known for.

Next up we’ve got Linden taking on Morphy’s “Samsara” (NERVE023). The original was an dubby amen roller with an eastern vibe and Linden’s again stripped back the original elements and delivered an atmospheric bass monster that’s guaranteed to fill the more discerning dancefloor.

A. Linden - Tuva (Morphy Remix)
B. Morphy - Samsara (Linden Remix)
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