martedì 24 febbraio 2009

T-FREE056: Air J + Sinecore - Kira

Since 2006, Sinecore has put out quite a number of tunes
as "Antichristus" (together with Peter Kurten, his brother),
including two vinyl releases on Independenza Records.
Also, he has started getting tunes out under his solo name
on Mindsaw Digital, T-Files and Nightmare Recordings.
"Kira" is a collaboration with his Belgian DJ colleague
Air J who also focuses on the hard/dark/technoid styles.
He started producing in 2008 and has just recently seen
his first vinyl release on the new label Kritical Bass,
also a collaboration of Air J with Peter Kurten is out on
Mindsaw Digital, and more of his tunes are forthcoming.
Air J Myspace
Sinecore Myspace
Tilt Recordings