mercoledì 24 dicembre 2008


T-FREE and Black Hoe together present TFBH001.
It is an X-Mass joint release of both labels with
one tune from each and a common Catalog number,
expressing their respect for each others work.

Plater is a still unknown newcomer from Estonia,
bringing a dense Techno-DNB roller with a crazy snare.

Isotop from Kaiserslautern (Germany) had his vinyl
debut in 2008 and Kaiza from Mannheim (Germany)
should be known from his releases on T-FREE and
Tilt-Recordings together with his former partner.
They bring a subtle Techno-DNB tune with 4/4 break.
Plater Myspace
Isotop Myspace
Kaiza Myspace
Black Hoe Recordings