giovedì 4 dicembre 2008

Offkey Podcast Vol.6: Histibe

Histibe can be described as a cold wave of bass led minimalism, eminating from Kiev, Ukraine.
A rare quote from Histibe describes the sound as “Minimal techno through drum n bass language”. The Histibe mission is to make electronic music that pushes boundaries yet still keeps one eye toward the dancefloor. Already the sound has been supported by Raiden, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Khanage, Proket and Temper D.
Offkey Music will be working with Histibe in the future, head honcho Raiden comments
“While most producers have been focusing on harder direct tracks- Histibe is coming from another dimension, With an ice cold spectral complex sound of beautiful solitude. He has obsession for depth on a level that most drum and bass producers haven’t dare gone for. His minimal influence is fresh and exactly what the scene needs right now, and totally against the grain of the harder than thou attitude that is so prevalent right now”

In this podcast you have the perfect introduction to Histibe, it features airings of his own productions along with fresh music from artists all over the world.

01 Pyro & Mundane - Post Physical (Insekto Dub)
02 Proket - Otsek (OffKey Dub)
03 Black Sun Empire - Firing Squad (SKC remix) (BSE Dub)
04 Silent Extent - Falling Down (No Money & BTK Remix) (Dub)
05 E3EAT - Timeslice (Respect)
06 Catacomb - The Zodiac (Misanthrop rmx) (Syndrome Dub)
07 Kantyze - Sentinels (Dub)
08 Cern - Satellites (Phace remix) (Syndrome Dub)
09 Temper D - Minimize This (Temper D Productions Dub)
10 Pylon & Pyro - Auror (Venom Inc)
11 Raiden - Baptism of Fire (OffKey Dub)
12 Histibe - Tears of a machine (Tech-Trance Edit) (Dub)
13 Nic Chagall - What You Need (NC's In Love With Prog Mix) (Black Hole)
14 Tiesto - Traffic (Nebula)
15 Pyro, Jesta, Techtronix - Cho (Amex & Kaiza rmx) (Dub)
16 Pyro & Amex - Facem (Dub)
17 Histibe - Inside (OffKey Dub)
18 Histibe - Pulsar (OffKey Dub)
19 Dissident - Pleuromeia (Subtle)
20 Trisector - Dreamlike state (Dub)
Histibe Myspace