domenica 30 novembre 2008 Guest Mix 03: Allied

Allied have risen from a backdrop of musical influence consisting of acts like Massive Attack, Portishead, Prodigy, Cinematic Orchestra, Radiohead, Richie Hawtin, Stay Up Forever crew and list the classic tech-step Drum and Bass producers of the ninties and early 2000s as a leading light on their path to creating the allied sound.
The first track 'Multiple Minds' was picked up by Leet recordings and propelled onto the scene to great acclaim, other tracks soon followed as their un-mistakeable sound began to take form. Since then the duo have been locked away in the studio perfecting the sound further and landing tracks on key labels within techno-dnb including Sinuous, Contaminated, DSCi4 & M-Atome, the debut EP "Arts & Science" is due to land on Sinuous at any moment and has added to the storm of anticipation already surrounding their music.
No online audio mix from allied has exsisted untill now, in this world exclusive we bring you a chance to preview past, present and future sounds from the guys as they give us their soundtrack to a recession.

01. allied - soul asylum
02. allied - hypnosis
03. pyro & mundane - post psysical
04. allied - citrizine
05. pyro, proket & kantyze - antharas
06. allied - lunar 3
07. vengeance & cooh - infected
08. allied & nc-17 - xtro
09. allied & kano - into the invisible
10. allied - multiple minds
11. nphonix - zed
12. bias - chryalis (the sect remix)
13. allied - age of panic
14. allied & pylon - osirus
15. allied - concept
16. allied - humanoid
17. proket - otsek
18. allied - compulsion
19. prode - borer (the sect remix)
20. allied - panaphobia
21. allied - dystopia
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