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QU BEATS RECORDS was born as a Free Net Label in 2008. We are here to fill in the vacuum that exists in the Spanish hard and technoid Drum & Bass scene.. We are seperated from everything thats called Liquid Funk, Jump Up, Neurofunk and any commercial sound. Our work has its roots from Hardstep to Techno-DNB, but can also include influences from other breakbeat based music (Dubstep, Break Beat, Hip Hop...). However, we will never forget our orientation towards hard and destructive sounds.

Our main objective is the promotion of emerging artists, giving them a platform where the restless minds of young talentscan show off their work to the world..

Feel free to contact us to send your demos. You can do so by sending us a private message or using this email address:

qb000: Stay Puft - I'm Back

Settled down in Málaga this 22 year old artist has been involved for 5 years in the hip hop world, producing several works for many artists of the spanish scene.

His main musical influences are underground American hip hop (El-p, Dj Shadow..) and the most aggressive electronic music producers (Aphex Twin, Squarepusher...)

His music is a two – style combination with brushstrokes of black essence of the 70’s and shades of the best club music

You can download now his forthcoming Ep preview: I'm Back
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