venerdì 1 agosto 2008

Offkey Podcast Vol.5: Cooh

Finally we hit you with Podacst Vol 5, brought to you by the one like Cooh.

The idea behind this mix was to bring the unique sound that Cooh is pushing out right now. Mixing all his favourite styles within the drum and bass genre and putting them together to create a signature sound.

The dubstep genre has had a big influence over the sound of this podcast, which you can hear due to some of Coohs track's under his Balkansky dubstep alias being used in the mix.

38 tunes make up this podcast, 35 of which are by Cooh and others are collabs. He was looking into putting most of his halfstep-experimental dnb tracks into one piece of music that would stand out in dnb history for some time, plus show the people what he is looking for in the future. The majority of tracks in the podcast are either released or forthcoming on labels like: Offkey, Position Chrome, Commercial Suicide, Subsistenz and more. Cooh is glad that the open minded people love to support his new sounds and that well know artists continue to play out his tracks. The mix was created in Ableton Live on air because he wanted to put some more glitch idm'ish stuff to it, so that he could play more sounds in shortened time period.

Enjoy the latest Offkey Podcast brought to you by Cooh.

01. Balkansky - Your Sunny Morning
02. Cooh - Bassteria
03. Cooh - Rob
04. Cooh - Apregat [offkey]
05. Cooh - Bass For Speed
06. Cooh - Drub
07. Cooh - Redaction
08. Cooh - ReFeel
09. Cooh - Smile [position chrome]
10. Cooh - Lerdo
11. Cooh - Alord [subsistenz]
12. Cooh - Boymerang
13. Thought - Holism [xtinction]
14. Cooh - Triler [commercial suicide]
15. Cooh - MeloDie
16. Cooh & Atom - Kriv [offkey]
17. Cooh - Durven [offkey]
18. Cooh - Save The World
19. Cooh - Deadline [audio fiction] + Techno Animals atmos
20. Cooh - Trombat
21. Cooh - B-rain
22. Cooh - Trigrad [obscene]
23. Limewax - Casino [position chrome]
24. Cooh & OTM - Reden
25. Cooh - Contact [position chrome]
26. Cooh - Anten
27. Cooh - Drive me
28. Cooh - Messall
29. Korn - Good God /bootleg remix/
30. Cooh - Dogrizla
31. Cooh - Arise
32. Cooh - Noisy Sneaker [sinuous]
33. Cooh - Diva/part 1/
34. Cooh - Diva/Part 2/
35. Limewax - Bathwater [LB]
36. Cooh - Nikel
37. Yourai - My Heart Beat So Loud (Balkansky remix)
38. Cooh - Back

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