lunedì 15 febbraio 2010

T-FREE075: Anode - Spread

Anode is one half of Gravity Zero, a duo from
Osaka, Japan who have released 3 tunes on Digital
Venom and one on T-FREE in 2008.
Now, he makes his solo artist debut on T-FREE
with this lovely piece entitled "Spread".
It could be said to be influenced not only by
classical Techno sound but also by Goa-Trance,
showing Anode's ability to combine technoid
structures and counterdynamic rythmic textures
with deeply musical content and melodic themes.
For 2010, he has more of his solo tunes signed
to Equinox and other labels... coming soon.
It is highly recommended to keep an eye on him!
Anode Myspace
Tilt Recordings