venerdì 11 settembre 2009

Jean Doe - The State Of Transition EP [NerveEP004]

Our first release for 2009 and yet another amazing new producer. Jean Doe is another Copenhagen dweller and friends with Pyro and they had been swapping studio tips for a while before working on the track together. Originally – “Ambitions in A Minor” was planned to be part of an EP of collaborations with Pyro but as Jean Doe’s other tracks were so good we decided he deserved his own ep.

The lead track is a bit left of centre, lush soundscapes and atmospherics wrap around a warm sub bass and crisp breaks. “Fibre” and “Nuance” are smooth chunks of rollin dnb with lush housey stabs and crispy clean breaks. For the final track – Jean Doe teams up with Pyro for an epic tranced out number on “Ambitions in A Minor”.

Download this now and fire up your chosen media player for blissful dnb goodness!

A. Jean Doe - The State Of Transition
Jean Doe - Fibre
C. Jean Doe - Nuance
D. Jean Doe feat. Pyro - Ambitions In A Minor
Jean Doe Myspace
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