venerdì 31 luglio 2009 Guest Mix 05: Lethal

Part 5 of our guest mix series welcomes someone who found his introduction to producing with a Commodore Amiga and a copy of Octamed in the early 90s. Around the same time he got into mixing and started himself on what was to become his chosen path, please welcome, Lethal. Influenced by early Hardcore and Detroit Techno it shaped his style to a point that is evident in his music today. Around late ’96 the Tech-Step boom in Drum n Bass broke in a big way and Lethal found himself hooked on a genre that fitted his taste and attitude. During this time he also completed a Music Technology course and went on to set up his own studio for hire. Honing his engineering skills he moved his studio to Café Music in East London, it was here he fine tuned his abilities and his production methods. Working on projects from Rock and Pop through to R ‘n B, Hip Hop, Breaks, House, Techno and of course Drum n Bass. Today Lethal has provided music for seminal labels like Offkey, Position Chrome, OHM Resistence, Venom Inc & Melting Pot as well as his own label Surround Sound Recordings.
Here he showcases his imprint by giving us a sneak look at what's lined up at Surround Sound including his own work and a rosta of quality producers that he's hand-picked for the project.

01. Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat - Mist Born [Dub]
02. Raiden – Roentgen [Architecture]
03. Dissect & B-Key - Future World [Dub]
04. Data, E & Dynamic - Skinwalkers [Revolution]
05. Lethal - Burning World [Dub]
06. Propaganda - Something I Feel [Dub]
07. The Sect - Whiteout [Surround Sound]
08. Lethal - Storm Break [Position Chrome]
09. Gancher - Days [Dub]
10. Ruin - Timeshift [Dub]
11. Pyro & CRS - Carburator [Venom Inc]
12. Masheen - Reversal [Habit]
13. Denix - 3th Eye [Dub]
14. Pyro, Proket & Kantyze - Antharas [Obscene]
15. Allied - Soul Asylum [Sinuous]
16. Imaginary Forces - Seak[Surround Sound]
>> Pyro - The Beat [Venom Inc]
17. Able Danger - Off The Grid [ Surround Sound]
18. Shimon & Andy C - Mutation Remix [Ram]
19. Lethal & The Panacea - The Puritan [Position Chrome]
20. Lethal & Dissect - Nurburg [Dub]
21. Lethal & Raiden - Drive [Surround Sound]
22. Nphonix, BTK & CBX - Project 2501 [Algorythm]
23. Thought & Kantyze - Rebreather [Dub]
24. Zeal, Litta & Ketz - Rakshash [Dub]
25. Lethal - Substixentialism [Position Chrome]
26. Thought - Office [Dub]
27. Cooh, Markoman & Tsunami - Spitfire [Prspct]
28. Lethal & Imaginary Forces - Ctusk [Dub]
29. Lethal - Feel This [Dub]
30. Lethal & Proket - Ectoplasm [Surround Sound]
31. Shellshock - Brainiac (Lethal Remix) [Dub]
32. Lethal & Temper D - Grumpy Old Men [TDP]
33. Rymetyme & Trace - Frogger [1210]
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