martedì 19 maggio 2009

[SCPTX4FREE001] Aenimal - Synthopatix

AENIMAL is a project formed by 4 animals: kOREx,EVILBASS,SAIBOT and KUZAM.
kOREx jumped into the music scene early in his life, and at the age of 13 formed a crossover/nu-metal band with his friends. After infecting himself with d'n'b , his passion became the virus itself.
After listening to drum and bass for four years he became attracted by those dark and mechanical sounds, typical of techstep & darkcore. His passion for production took him to follow a sound engineer course that he murdered from the outset.
EVIL BASS fell in love with d'n'b from 2001, the time when the vibrations were pushed by legends such as Bad Company UK, Ed Rush + Optical, Kemal & Rob Data, Stakka + Skynet. In 2002 he focused on using drum machines and hardware making his first productions in the underground techno scene.
In 2004 he decided to focus more on d'n'b, starting his projects on software such as Cubase and Live. At the same time he linked up his first Dj gigs, and in 2005/2006 you'll see him burning up the decks and blasting the bass bins with big names such as Dylan, Raiden, Vicious Circle, Technical Itch and B-Key.
SAIBOT was born with a passion for the rhythm and it's not surprising that at the age of 9 years old, he wanted to find an instrument that moved him. He was pulled to the beat of the drum & percussion in general. After playing for many years with differents bands, he discovered dnb at the age of 18. It infected him too and so he dropped everything and dedicated himself to electronic music production.
From that point on he began to produce ground-shaking beats with kOREx (more techno oriented), and the result of Saibot and Evil Bass joining forces in 2005 was equally destructive.
The evolution of these three experiences came together to form the foundation of the AENIMAL project. With the drive to push the envelope of Drum and Bass, the AENIMAL project often collaborates with their trusted partners in crime: Altered Beats (Bologna),and BlindMinded (Jesolo - Sydney).

01. Aenimal - Sinthopatix

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