lunedì 8 settembre 2008 Guest Mix 02: Pyro

The second instalment of our guest mix series has touched down to earth. This time the controls have been handed to a figure that has seen over 20 vinyl releases in his exploration mission to search out a deeper sound and influence in techno-dnb. Pyro began his induction into drum and bass at age 14, always looking for innovation and exploring new sounds and techniques. In 2001 a new mission dawned, Nerve recordings was born with Pyro & Paul Reset heading the project, the label has since seen success on many fronts and has helped launch some of the biggest names in drum and bass today. He has since racked up an illustrious discography including outings with labels such as Nerve, Collective, Industry, Habit, Leet, Deeper Realms, Shadybrain & many more. The future looks bright for him as he continues to evolve his sound and draw attention to the deeper side of techno-dnb with his solo work and collaborations within the dnb cosmos. Today from his base station in denmark he has been invited to play around the world and has toured the USA and Europe as well as being a regular fixture in his native Copenhagen.
jeff mills - infinite effect
jean doe - fibre
lethal - anyourysm
histibe - tears of a machine
mundane - chroma
yabol - infitisimal
soccom - magog
drexciya - interstellar crime report
audio - error
current value & raiden - rm bleeps
pyro & mundane - post physical
current value - wulf
yabol - catapult
bias - chrysalis (the sect rmx)
propaganda - polonium
raiden - peloton
D.A.V.E. the drummer - hydraulix 9 (proket rmx)
pylon, soccom & walder - failed homicide
codex - mesh
spl - sober
uman & identity - generator
dying punks - wednesday wake
infiltrator - ur on mir
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