martedì 17 giugno 2008

Dj Hektik - Teh New Amen

After quite some time, here is a new artist-mix by DJ Hektik,
showcasing the works of the influential Prode / Proket
(in two versions, with two different approaches):
"Teh New Amen (Courtesy of Phono)" I
61:52 min CD / mp3
Rec 2007-08 @ 4th Grade, MA
Artist-Mix: Proket / Prode
01 Prode -El Nino [Recon 003]
02 Proket + Sunchase -Salo [M-Atome 012]
03 Prode -Gardarika [DSCI4 LP006]
04 Prode + Pyro -Rush [ELP Collective ELPC004]
05 Prode -Borer [Revolution REVREC006]
06 Prode -Sun Influences [Revolution REVREC008]
07 Proket -Pritchet [ELP Collective ELPC007]
08 Proket + Raiden -Skafandr [Offkey OK007]
09 Proket -Show Me [Offkey OK007]
10 Proket -Guta [Offkey OK007]
11 Proket -Kaskad [Offkey OK007]
12 Proket -Locomotive [Sinious SIN015]

"Teh New Amen" II (HalfFastMix)
25:15 min wav / mp3
Rec 2008-05 @ 4th Grade, MA
Artist-Mix: Proket / Prode
intro Optical -To Shape The Future [Metalheadz METH027]
* Optical -To Shape The Future RMX [Metalheadz METBOX001 Metal Box Set]
02 Prode -Borer [Revolution REVREC006]
03 Prode -Sun Influences [Revolution REVREC008]
04 Proket -Pritchet [ELP Collective ELPC007]
05 Proket + Raiden -Skafandr [Offkey OK007]
06 Proket -Show Me [Offkey OK007]
07 Proket -Guta [Offkey OK007]
08 Proket -Kaskad [Offkey OK007]
09 Proket -Locomotive [Sinious SIN015]
10 TomKin -Matador (Proket RMX) [Trickdisc TD012]
11 Prode -Cubic [DSCI4 LP006 Spy Technologies 4: Counter Surveillance]

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